Something interesting I’ve found, that a lot of agencies are missing, is this KEY component when it comes to working with clients. So, I recently met with a client, and their client is a lawyer. If you know anything about Google Adwords and injury law, you’ll know that the Cost-Per-Click is something crazy like $200/click. All these people are fighting over Google Adwords because it’s great traffic. So this brings up the question, how do you promote the un-promotable on Facebook, and scale with your own audience? And that’s what I want to talk to you about today…

What I see a lot in the hyper-competitive niches is that people would rather go to Google and send $250 rather than learn how to grow their business on Facebook. So I’m going to show you exactly how to promote anything on Facebook that will get leads and generate results for your clients. As you can see in the video above, is the funnel starts out with all these Facebook ads, and what these Facebook ads represent are Facebook Lives, content related videos, or summed up in one word, “value. Let’s continue with the injury lawyer example. We’re going to go to the marketplace and we want to promote that lawyers business and get him more clients for a quarter of the cost of Google. On the first side of the funnel we have three videos that we want to take to our marketplace, and within those videos we are providing value.

Ex. They could be titled “7 Things You Need To Know About Hiring An Injury Attorney In California, “Why It’s So Important To Hire An Injury Lawyer In California, “The Difference Between Hiring A Good Injury Lawyer In California, And A Bad Injury Lawyer In California. These are value based videos with no selling, no promoting the brand, etc. We pump these videos out to the entire geo-area with generic ages, so we’d only want 18-65. We spend some money and run these as ads to the marketplace. There’s a good chance that anyone who engages with these videos is going to be interested in an injury attorney, because why would someone watch a 3-5 minute video about injury attorneys otherwise? Obviously there will be some people that watch it with no intent, but for the most part these are people that are engaged and learning about the process. Maybe they didn’t even know they needed an injury attorney! Anyone who watches 25% of any of these videos is then served another ad through retargeting, and this ad literally says “Hey, have you been hurt in a car accident? or something along those lines. It is designed to get them to the opt-in page, where we can then retarget them further.

Let’s say they opt-in, we can start selling them on email and from the thank you page. We can also build a lookalike audience based off the thank you page. Essentially we can retarget anyone who opts-in, or who hits the page, on Facebook. Simultaneously with the Google side of things, we can run a remarketing campaign on the Google Display Network which has access to around 90% of the traffic on the internet.

This is just one example of how you can do it, but hopefully this gets the juices flowing. There’s not just one thing you can promote on Facebook and one thing you can promote on Google. You just need a solid strategy on how to implement both for your product. Multiple points of contact with your potential buyers will make them more likely to purchase, and will help your business grow way faster.

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