Today I want to give you a productivity tip that I’ve been implementing into my business that’s really changing the way I get my projects done. Before I implemented this, I was always getting up without an alarm clock, because that was the goal. Waking up naturally was one of the reasons I went into business for myself in the first place! I would wake up around 7:30, 8am, every single morning and I would feel pretty good. Back when I was working construction back as a teenager I would get up at 5am and I HATED my life; I swore to myself I would never get up earlier ever again.

What I’ve been finding since leaving the corporate world, as I’ve been building my business, is that even though I was waking up well rested my life is getting super busy. I’ve got two kids, I take my daughter to school, I have all my meetings and I’m running the business, plus my wife, and my friends, and other responsibilities, so by the time I get a remote amount of time to start working on my projects it’s either super late at night when I’m burnt out, or I have to allot a certain amount of time during the business day. The way I have my agency set up (I run and manage all the sales) so when I’m not selling, we’re not making any money.

So when I revamped my funnel about a month ago, I took two weeks and just really worked on my funnel. I didn’t do sales, I outsourced as much as I could, I really kept the business the way it was so that I could focus all my attention on the funnel. Now the funnel’s complete, and it’s amazing how well it’s doing, crushing it and really, really converting leads. But during that time we really didn’t grow. The only meetings I took were referral business and things of that nature because we had no ads running and no prospecting happening. It sucked. So I asked myself “Why, just because I’m working on a long project, can’t I make money at the same time? This led me to get this book called “The Perfect Day Formula and it is amazing.

Essentially he takes ideas from stoic philosophy, which is a lens to look at the world (derived from I believe the ancient Romans time). And the biggest take away I got from this book is to start your day one hour early, and focus on the biggest goal within your business or your life. Do that first thing in the morning and make it a habit. So I used to get up at 7:30am and now I’m waking up at 6:30am, to work on a book I’m writing. In this book I want to help agency owners, taking them from start to finish, and by the end of the book they’ll understand how to run my style of agency. It’s still an idea right now that is slowly coming to fruition, but if I don’t allot a specific amount of time I’ll never work on it. We all have these great ideas but if we don’t actually schedule time to work on them, we will never get them done.

So where do you come in? For you and your business, allotting that extra hour in the morning will change everything. No matter how tired you are, or how much resistance you feel about it, if you get up and do it you will feel rejuvenated. It’s a time to be alone with your goals; there are no cell phones ringing, no text messages coming in, no emails, no interruptions. All there is, is creativity and production. It’s something great to share with other people because it’s crazy how well it works. You will get the biggest chunk of your goal already completed, even if the rest of the day turns out to be a total waste.

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