This is a concept that I have recently put into my business, and it’s known as the application funnel. I’ve heard people say, “you need an application funnel in your business because people apply to work with you. And I agree, that it is of great use for your business, BUT if you can’t get people to go through the application funnel it’s not very powerful. So, this is what I have done to get my application funnel up and running. I’ve had it up for about three to four weeks now and my sales process has changed dramatically.

I am meeting with the most qualified people I have met with in my entire life and more importantly, they are interested and want to work with me. It’s not even really much of a sales process at this point, but more of a problem-solution meeting (for lack of a better term). They are ready to move forward, and I have to qualify them to see if they’re a good fit for us. It’s a change of pace because when I first got my start I worked with everybody and anyone. This resulted in me feeling underappreciated, or undervalued, because it was always about the money. With this application funnel, it’s not about the money it’s just about providing value.

So the process… I used the same combination that I use for my clients, and for all my other projects. We start with an information based video on the front-end, or in this case a Facebook Live. I can then retarget anyone who’s watching the lives and is interested in what I am talking about. They are then served up an ad that will take them to the opt-in page of my application funnel. The only purpose of this opt-in page is to show that you’re credible and that you’re able to do what you say you can do. For example, on my page I have a ton of testimonials, examples of successful work, etc. The pitch then comes in and is: “if you want to have results like this for your clients, please sign up and go through the application process.

Once someone does that, they are again triggering the soap opera sequence. The story and theme of the soap opera sequence is the same story and theme that is in all of my ads and pages throughout the funnel; it’s all one big story. It helps you sell yourself and you brand. Your story can be your past experience, or a hypothetical. So, once someone goes through the opt-in page, they are taken to the application page. We will see some drop off here which is totally normal, and that’s why we then implement the retargeting ask campaign. The ask campaign very simply says, “thank you very much for taking the time to check us out, I know you’re busy and that life is busy, but do you have any questions we can answer? What Is holding you back from taking that next desired action? Message me and we can figure it out together. Some people will take you up on this offer, while others will not, but the ones that do will be extremely qualified and ready to work with you.

Finally at the end of the funnel, we obviously have the thank you page. The real money then lies in the lookalike audience of everyone that hits your thank you page, as you will have your Facebook pixel data growing as your audience grows. This application funnel can dramatically change your process on how you bring in new, targeted, dream clients. It’s slower, and it’s more expensive, but at the end of the day it is worth it.

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