Today we’re going to be talking about an awesome ad strategy that I use to help scale my customers businesses and my own business as well. It’s a form of marketing that’s debated heavily between different ad experts. On one side of the debate you have people saying “yeah it’s a great idea while the other side is saying “no it’s a waste of money. Let’s take a look so you can draw your own conclusions…

The strategy starts with two Facebook Ads. The first ad is a value based video that you boost to your target market. Let’s say your target market is weight loss; the video may be called “3 Ways To Lose Weight In X Amount Of Days. The content itself is just value: drink more water, exercise, etc. It doesn’t have to be a complicated video, as long as it is valuable content that has to do with losing weight. You will then have an audience of people that interacts with your video. They will watch it, like it and share it.

Anybody who engages with that video, you are then retargeting with your offer. Let’s say the offer is “Hey would you like to learn the #1 secret that celebrities use to maintain a fit body?…Yes please! So they would click the link in the video description, and it would take them to an opt-in page. They opt-in, and over the next 4-5 days you would explain this story through a soap opera sequence. If you’re not familiar with what an email soap sequence is, essentially it’s your own personal soap opera where there’s constantly something happening next. We leave these open loops at the end of our emails to keep people interested.

So our lead comes in from the ad, opts in to your offer, and then will be taken to an order page. Now a lot of people are going to fall off here. Depending on the offer, you can see anywhere from a 4-10% conversion rate. If you’re getting less than 4% conversion rate, you should be looking at your audience, your messaging and your overall conversion on the page. You should be testing..testing..testing..testing..TESTING.. Until you hit whatever benchmark you’ve set for your conversion rate.

Let’s say 90% of the people do not purchase the offer initially. They fall off and leave the page. That’s where this retargeting ad comes in. Anybody that lands on the order page and doesn’t land on the any of the next pages, will see this retargeting ad. We can then run a messenger ad that says “Hey thank you very much for stopping by to check out our weight loss supplement, did you have any questions? Super simple like that.. “Can I help you in any way, answer any questions you may have about this supplement? and they can click and it will go to messenger. Essentially, when anyone sees this messaging and they click, they are in buying mode. Remember that they already went to your offer, so this is another point of contact that they’ve willingly agreed to.. Now you can sell them via messenger, answering their questions and giving them the order link. This retargeting ad right here will increase your conversions dramatically. I don’t have an exact figure for you but it works very, very well.

BUT, this is where the big argument comes in… Let’s go through the funnel first one more time. The opt-in page leads to the order page, and then we upsell them since they have their credit card out; we sell them as much as we can. There’s a 2 minute window there that they are just hot to trot, and if you’ve ever bought something online you know how your endorphins spike and everything sounds appealing to buy. The big question then is: “Why run a value based ad to the marketplace? You spend more per lead compared to some offers. It may go from a $1 lead to $4 or even $5. Now yes, that is expensive, BUT what most marketers fail to overlook is THIS.

They are way more qualified leads. Anyone consuming your content will convert at a higher rate when they see your offer. I see people all the time say “I got client leads for $0.16 a lead, but how qualified are those leads? If they are converting, more power to you because you’re the man! But if they’re not converting, there’s a problem there. Back in the day when I was going after real-estate agencies, I was running a messenger ad and I was getting $1.48 leads. It was so awesome, and I couldn’t schedule meetings fast enough! But until I added another layer of marketing on there, my meetings were crap. My close rate was brutal. Essentially they were the minimum qualifying requirement, which was they were real-estate agencies.

If you’re running an agency, you need that next level of qualification. You have to ask more than one question to get to the right group of people that want to buy your product. This is the funnel that will ask those questions, and get people to buy your product. I highly recommend using it in your agency!

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