I love Mondays. There’s something about a Monday, because you have all weekend to think about what you’re going to do, and come the beginning of the week you can just get stuff rolling. I want to talk about something very simple that plays such a crucial role in marketing, but so many companies and agencies aren’t utilizing. The idea comes from a book called “How To Find Your Big Marketing Idea From Todd Brown. It’s overarching principle is that companies that do really well, and stand out from the pack, have one core idea behind it that allows it to transcend all their competitors and take a majority of the market share. As marketers we’re taught that copywriting, headlines, etc. is the key to getting a great offer to convert. In reality, if you have the core idea behind all of that, you’re going to be able to get past your own bad copy or lack-luster headlines. So ask yourself: in your agency, do you have that big idea?

Here’s a couple examples of companies that use this big idea very well. If you look at Tim Ferris and “The Four Hour Work Week, that’s a big idea. He’s taking an old idea (outsourcing) and he’s changed it a little bit to sound better, sell better and be sexier in general. Another example you have is “Bulletproof Coffee with Dave Asbury. Essentially that’s the Atkins diet that he’s tweaked just a bit, to start a new trend of putting butter in your coffee. He’s blowing up in the health industry and making millions of millions of dollars just with that one big idea. For a third example you can look at Russell Brunson from Clickfunnels and you find “Funnel Hacking which is their big idea that took sometime to come up with. Before they found that idea they struggled to get their company off the ground, but now they are another million dollar company with The Big Idea. You can look at Tom’s Shoes which has a really simple idea. You buy a pair of their shoes and they give another pair away for free. Finally, Air BnB is ANOTHER company with The Big Idea: they rent out your space in your house and make profit from rooms in your house that you’re not using.

As I was reading all this, I was thinking “how does this apply to agencies and my business? In my business I found my big core idea, which is I help agencies automate and find freedom within their business. That’s my big idea; when everyone else in the market place is saying “get more clients, get more clients I’m saying “get the right clients. Whether you’re going after chiropractors, or real estate agents, or dentists, you know that there’s thousands of main competitors going after those same people, so you have to think about how you can stand out from the pack. That’s where this Big Idea comes in. It doesn’t have to be a completely new idea (as the examples above demonstrate) you just have to take an idea and tweak it a little. I’ve found the best way is to go the opposite way of what everyone’s saying. So if everyone is telling that chiropractor “I can get you MORE clients, you can tell them “I can get you HIGHER QUALITY clients and help you AUTOMATE your marketing and sales. More clients could be more stress, especially if he doesn’t have any systems in place, but you can come in and fix that by finding him the right clients.

It’s the same in your agency too. Let’s say you’re managing 30 clients, which is a tremendously huge number. It would be a nightmare. But if you had five clients paying you the same amount of money… It’s the trade-off that allows you and your clients to get the results you deserve. I see so many people going straight to the marketplace yelling about how they can get people more clients, or run their ads, where if they just tweaked their messaging a little they could see way bigger results.

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