For some reason I seem to get stuck on services businesses and I don’t know if it’s just a “me thing, or a marketer thing, or whatever the case is. I get stuck with the idea that some things only seem to work in certain places…and it’s not true. In this post I’m going to be talking about Information Marketing and how you can use it in your agency. One of the marketers I have been studying, (I believe it was Joe Polish) was really famous for helping cleaning companies, and he had this pamphlet of information marketing. Inside the pamphlet was: The 7 Things You Need to Know About Hiring A Cleaner In Your Area. It highlights all the pain points and all the issues of hiring someone who is inexperienced, and at the end there is a call to action to reach out and call that cleaning company to solve all those problems for you. So essentially what it does is it highlights all the problems, and lets the end-user (your client) look at all the problems caused by hiring someone cheap, inexperienced and not at your skill level. You can lay out the information in a downloadable pdf, or direct mail, however it can reach your end consumer the easiest.

I am going to start implementing this into my business, and this post is just as much a lesson as it is me wanting to get your feedback. Who here is currently using information marketing in their business, and how effective is it? I’ve seen it from a client standpoint, as I was just talking to a drywall company that will be implementing it into their business plan. Everything I see with it looks amazing. I don’t know the exact route I will take yet, but whatever course will obviously be very heavy copy. We’re going to hit all the pain points and how we solve them; it will be something we can give out to anyone that is interested more in learning about White Label Ads and how we can help them grow their business.

What I really like about information marketing is that it doesn’t cost much. You get the idea, you spend an hour or two writing up your pdf, and that’s something your company has as an asset for the rest of the life of your business; you use very open ended ideas that will remain relevant to years to come. For example: Arguing With A Marketing Consultant On Price – You don’t want the cheapest because A,B,C,D. You never want the cheapest anything, for obvious reasons regarding the quality of the work. So, we’re going to be putting together a list of the seven problems that agencies have, and we’re going to start solving/plugging them with our service.

So for you guys and your business…Let’s say, whether you’re a service company or even something like eCommerce, information marketing can work for you. You just have to find relevant pain points, and figure out how to solve them. If you can think of seven reasons why someone would want to hire your company, or why they wouldn’t want to hire your competition, you have an informational product to market.

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