Today I want to talk about something that is super, super exciting to me. This is something that I struggled with myself when I first started my business and it is the age old question: “are you working in your business, or on your business? There is a major, major difference that can sometimes be hard to recognize. I’ll give you a couple examples:

So when you’re working in your business, one of the big problems that you’ll have is a lack of time. It’s a busy schedule, especially when dealing with a bunch of clients; it can sometimes feel like you’re never going to get caught up. It’s a never ending racing wheel trying to grow your business, satisfy your customers, while also balancing a healthy home life. That’s how you know when you’re in your business: if you’re burnt out, underappreciated and have no passion for what you’re doing. I see this all the time, and I’m extremely guilty of it myself.

When I first started my previous company I was a little naive. I thought I could do everything from the Facebook Ads, to the Google Ads, etc. For the first couple months it was manageable (because I only had four clients) but as I started to scale, I started to struggle. At around the five client mark it started affecting my sleep, because I would go to bed and wake up in the middle of the night thinking about all the tasks I still had left to do. If this was a problem at five clients, there was no way I would be able to get to my dream 100 client mark, so I knew something had to change.

For me, the big switch was working less IN my business and more ON my business. The first step could be promotion, like with these Facebook Lives that I’ve been doing. You can tell your story and sell to the market, which is something you can’t do when you’re working in your business. If you’re not focusing on sales in your agency, you’re going to lose because there’s so many people vying for the same customers. You can craft a sales strategy yourself, or outsource to an expert, but it’s essential that this strategy is on your To-do list.

Another great way of working on the business is by solving the big problems that will help you take your business to the next level. Whatever processes you have in place can be improved, Everyone in the industry talks about more clients, more client, more clients but the reality is that more clients are a nightmare. You need to work on your infrastructure first and build a solid foundation that can handle more clients, and then it becomes a balancing act of getting more clients, and serving those clients through your processes.

By working in your business you’re able to impact more people and fuel your personal fulfillment. I love working on my business and watching it grow, but I also have other passions like reading, and getting out to network at conferences and really excel at what I do. These are all things that I have more time to do now that I’m working on my business instead of in my business

So how can you do this? The best place to start is by taking a hard look at yourself, and figuring out your strengths. For me, it was big idea/vision, copy and sales. I also loved running Facebook ads as well, but what I was really good at was the running of the company. So what I did is I set out to build a team that I hold to a very high standard, so they could become an extension of myself and achieve the level of work that I want done. If you look, there’s some amazing talent out there that wants the same things as you do. They want to be apart of something and they want to grow. It’s this crazy cycle that can really help your business grow.

Look at what you’re good at and double down on it. Are you good at sales? Great. Double down on that. Are you good at fulfillment and getting results for your clients? Great. Hire a salesperson and focus on that. You have to find what you’re good at so you can scale and work on your business. It’s going to be a slow transition. Right now I’m still working directly with sales in my business, but that’s something I am working towards getting off my plate. It’s a necessary component and I’m aware that i have to play this role until we can find the right person for the position at the right time. When you find what you’re good at you can create your processes around that knowledge and figure out where you can start outsourcing and really scaling your agency!

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