Today I want to talk about something that is very exciting for me and has allowed me to grow my business and that is: how to create an irresistible offer. What I’m seeing in the marketplace is people are niche-ing down (which is great) but everybody’s still offering the same thing. “I’ll manage your Facebook Ads. “I’ll manage your Google ads. “I’ll do SEO for you, and so on. There’s nothing special about the offer, and it creates a race down to the bottom of who can do it for the cheapest this race down to the bottom. $3,000 a month to $1500 a month to $500 a month and down, down, down until these agencies aren’t even turning a profit on their clients.

To really grow your agency, you need to think of an irresistible offer that the businesses you are consulting for, will love. It should be something that they need in their business, and that they would be stupid to pass up. So, when you are laying out your marketing campaign, you should be using the 40-40-20 rule. 40% of your marketing success is based on your audience, 40% is based on your offer and 20% is the video, the copy and whatever other vehicles bring your message to the market. 40% of your success is a massive amount, so if you have the wrong offer, you’re starting off on the wrong foot.

There are a couple of big companies that have done really well with the big offer, and they have seen massive success because of it. If you remember Dominos had their “30 Minutes Or Free, which is a great idea, because who wouldn’t want that? Quick delivery or your money back is the key to any consumers heart. Another company is Tom’s Shoes (which I mentioned in my last live) who gives away a pair of shoes to a third world country every time you buy one. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy about something as simple as buying a pair of shoes. Another example of this is Amazon with their Prime Membership. With the Prime Membership you get access to their books, movies and all their other services. It’s an irresistible offer and I’m a member myself.

So how does this apply to your agency? And what kind of offers can you build out? So in my business, I solve major headaches for agencies. We do the lead generation on the front end and help with fulfillment on the back end. We do this with exclusivity meaning we only work with a certain amount of people, so in order to get access you need to meet certain qualifications. That makes our offer somewhat irresistible, because who doesn’t want more business and who doesn’t want their business automated?

So, that’s how we approach the market, but you can look at this from your perspective. Let’s say you were working with a dentist, chiropractor, whatever the case may be, look at their business and pick their headaches that you can solve. Every business has things that they don’t want to do. If it’s sales training, you could generate as many leads as humanly possible for a business, but if they don’t know how to answer phones and close deals they’re going to fail before you get started.

Ultimately an irresistible offer is you adding value where other people aren’t. You look at their business and say “I can do this, and this and this, and if it makes sense you’ll get a higher conversion rate and you’ll separate yourself from all the competitors trying to do the same thing as you.

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