This is a campaign I ran in the very early stages of my business when I was going after real-estate agents. There’s a take-away, that I learned from this process here, that I want to share with you. There’s this one strategy known as cross-pollinating audiences  .

With cross-pollinating audiences, you take your ideal client, find something that they like and run ads based on that. For this example I took real-estate agents that like Grant Cardone, and I ran an offer to give away a free video. The result? I got a ton of low cost leads. The problem is that I got a ton of low cost leads. At the time I was booked solid; I had more meetings than I had ever had in my business and what I was finding was that they while they were in my target market, (real estate agents that like Grant Cardone) they weren’t qualified enough. So in my chatbot, I put a few qualifying questions like: how long have they been an agent, where have they been working, etc.  They were a series of questions meant to re-qualify them after this video had been sent to them. The new result? The people that actually went through that process and took the meeting increased the cost of the meeting; I went from $30 per meeting to $70 per meeting. However, these $70 leads were way more qualified and very targeted, which allowed me to close more sales. You don’t want more meetings, you want more of the right meetings.

Looking at the campaign, we did a messenger ad worldwide to real estate agents who like Grant Cardone. We left it as automatic placements because I was being lazy…lol. Normally what I would do is run it in just the Facebook feed, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. We did not do any type of video, it was a simple image ad (see above). It’s not very complex, with just an image and the headline: “Grant Cardone Exposed Secret To Help Realitors. So when they click on Learn More, they’re taken to the chatbot. The chatbot then asks them: “hey do you want to see this video of Grant Cardone? They say “yes, and we share that video with them. The video itself is just a link to YouTube of Grant Cardone talking about how all sales people can become millionaires by doing ABC. About two hours later we have a follow up with them where we say “hey would you like more leads in your business? They say “yes, and then we qualify them at that point. This was the most profitable campaign that I ran.

One of the biggest things that added to it working so well was that there was no copy so it will look like a native ad. As copywriters and marketers we love to put lots of copy, but occasionally we don’t have to if it doesn’t serve to make an ad better. That really comes down to testing, and I would love to hear your thoughts about copy, and whther you view it as completely necessary. Are you noticing more copies good? Long tail copy? Short copy? No copy? What is working best for your agency?

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